At FarmingIT we offer a range of hardware, software and technology based services,

tailored to the needs of the modern farm business.

Trimble Ag Software

At FarmingIT we are the Australian specialists in Trimble Ag Software. 

Since 2000 we have sold and supported Farm Works Software across Australia and New Zealand.

Trimble Ag Software is the new name for the combination of three Trimble brands:

  *  Farm Works

  *  Connected Farm

  *  Agri-Data


FarmingIT are fully licenced UAV operators.

Using precision survey drones, we are able to photograph and map your property, paddock or trial plot.

We can produce full colour images, near infra red images (NIR) and digital elevation models.

Applications include:

  *Farm planning

  *Water management

  *Crop monitoring

  *Area calculations

  *Volume calculations (Holes & Heaps!)

Further details on our UAV or Drone surveying solutions are available here



Field record keeping


Farm asset mapping


GPS Guidance
Precision Agriculture & mapping
Fully interpreted EM Mapping
GPS mapping and scouting
Financial accounting
Topographic mapping
Soil water monitoring


Mobile records and paddock scouting app
Soil coring and detailed analysis
Weather stations
QA reporting
Rugged mobile PCs



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